Have you heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Then you will also have heard about Blockchain, the technology behind. This video lecture series teaches blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Our four lecturers from Hamburg, Washington, Seoul and Mumbai give you a deeper understanding of how Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies work. You will be enabled to understand and use this technology. The lectures are about the core technology itself, its usage by current applications, potentials, connection to smart contracts and more. Theoretical content will be practiced in lab exercises. This lectures are made for people with basic understanding of information technology.

This lecture aims to give an universal overview about Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, their principal concepts and use cases.

Students shall

  • know the origins of Blockchain technologies and why they have been introduced for digital currencies
  • know what Bitcoin is
  • have an understanding of basic protocols and evolution steps of Blockchains
  • know use cases for Blockchain technologies

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Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – Basic Blockchain Principles
Part 3 - Blockchain Origins
Part 4 – Blockchain Use Cases
Part 5 – What makes a good Use Case?
Part 6 – Blockchain Generations and Smart Contracts
Part 7 – Overview over Smart Contracts in Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric


Veröffentlicht am December 06, 2018

HAW, Prof. Dr. Volker Skwarek

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