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See how to compose for an electric guitar quartet.

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The education in the field of guitar (classical/ jazz) at the HfMT is in many areas - still - rather traditional. In the area of classical music teaching is predominantly based on traditional patterns and approaches and a repertoire is predominantly taught that follows a long tradition. In our observation, offers in which students can experiment with explicitly new forms of teaching and content, in which they can try things out freely, have so far been the exception rather than the rule. In the GuitarLab, which was a seminar that was offered to the students from sprong term 2020 to the end of the spring term 2021, we started opportunities to introduce students to innovative, contemporary approaches to topics and content and thereby prepare them for a successful future life as professional musicians and music educators. Especially in the field of classical guitar, this is extremely meaningful and important, since our instrument is usually not needed in the orchestra and the artistic fields of activity are rather rare outside the pedagogical work of teaching. Through the GuitarLab, we wanted to contribute a seminar to make the HfMT to one of the most innovative locations of guitar education in Germany.

Objective and content of the HOOU project

Multimedia composition student Juan Manuel Jaramillo was commissioned to write a new piece for electric guitar quartet. It should use software-based sound effects like Max/ MSP and digital or analog effects devices or similar. The quartet consists of four students from the jazz and classical department of the Hamburg University of Music and Performing Arts. Interviews (audio/video) were conducted with the composer in order to document the process of creation. In these interviews we talked about the special task, the peculiarities of writing for guitar, questions about the style in which the composer moves, about special techniques. At the end of the project, a video recording of a live performance of the work was made.

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In regular rehearsals during the 2020 winter semester, a new work for (electric) guitar will be created. The close cooperation between the four musicians of the quartet and the composer leads to a lively, mutually inspiring learning environment.

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Since being a musician is not only about the technical and musical reproduction of the existing core repertoire, the students should come into contact with new and contemporary music, here expressly also with electric guitar/amplifier/effect devices/synthesizer/recording/technology. A close cooperation with the composition student department at the HfMT enables the members of the guitar quartet to gain a detailed insight in den process of composing new music. In addition, the students should benefit from the knowledge of the teacher in the field of composition and working with software based sound effects like Max/MSP.

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