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This course covers artistic research: what is it, where did it come from, why is it important and how can one do it?

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Do you want to learn about your own art? Do you want to tell others about your own art? Where does one begin with this seemingly impossible task? Do you want to do both of these things with systematic rigor?

No art is created in a bubble, there is always context to be discovered and discussed. No art is created without tools and techniques, which leave their fingerprints on the final product. No art is created without a spirit of experiment, some of which is cognitive, some of which is silent.

If you create art and want to know more about it, in order to share your knowledge and ideas with others, then you're a prime candidate for the commuity of artistic research. Although it can trace its roots at least back to Ancient Greece, artistic research is considered a relative newcomer on the academic block. So join this course to become an epistemic frontier researcher! Don't know what 'epistemic' means? No worries: we cover that, too.

The goal of the course From Artistic to Artistic Researcher is to equip and train artists with the skills and sensibilities to reflect on their artistic practice by being able to place it in context, discuss its technical components and be aware these elements whilst experimenting with art itself. Above all, the course intends to ignite a passion for articulating and sharing one's ideas and learning about the ideas of others.

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In Chapter 1, the course beings with a preliminary dive into research in general: What is Research?

This involves exploring what one needs to research and how to do it, as well as drawing lines of academic merit and providing preliminary definitions of the practice.

It then moves in Chapter 2 onto artistic research as a specific form of research in general to answer the central question of this course: What is Artistic Research?

It begins with some practical tips on getting started and then moves into building an intellectual foundation for good artistic research by exploring the philosophical building blocks of ontology, epistemology and methodology of research, considering art and science, proposing new concepts of validity and citation, presenting practical models and methods, forms of research outcomes and some definitions of artistic research.

Related to this chapter, the course provides posters, check-lists and questionnaires to help you design and complete your artistic research projects.

Finally, Chapter 3 gives a necessary current socio-political context for artistic research.

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Upon completion, participants should feel empowered to devise and complete their own artistic research projects.

They should be able to start their projects with confidence in knowing what artistic research can be, how it can be practiced and how it can relate to other disciplines. In addition to this important general knowledge, the course equips participants with specific and concrete tools and techniques to get started straight away and/or overcome writer's block.

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