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This mini series will show you how to use microtones to spice up your jazz harmonies!

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Ever wondered how to spice up your jazz harmonies? Well, we’ve definitely been asking ourselves this question quite often and found a ubiquity of possibilities! Now we are beyond happy to share them with you. Our approach is microtonal, but please hear us out and don’t run away. Of course a sprinkle of experimentalism will be part of this endeavor but the goal is not breaking music but rather gaining new perspectives on it. This time we will exclusively talk about the perks of dividing the octave into 31 equal pieces. The episodes are: Introduction to 31 TET, Chords in 31 TET, Blues in 31 TET, Scales in 31 TET, a breakdown of a song written in 31 TET. Let’s dive right into it - the rabbit hole goes really deep on this one…

And before we forget: You can find us on Youtube (Hear Between The Lines) https://www.youtube.com/c/HearBetweenTheLines

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The series consists of five videos, each one looking at 31 Tone Equal Temperament from a different perspective. The videos are not just intended as plain lectures but also as interactive lessons. Each episode comes with extra study material and some small quizzes or exercises to practice.

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The main goal is to step out of the „12-tone bubble“ for a while and gain new perspectives on how music works and how it can be recreated with other temperament systems (in this case 31 Tone Equal Temperament). Also, let’s make microtones hip!

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Technische Voraussetzungen

There are no special requirements necessary to watch the videos and work with the material, but we recommend to have an instrument near by!

Also, a basic understanding of music theory, being able to read sheet music and intermediate vocal/instrumental skills are recommended.

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Veröffentlicht am March 01, 2022

Frederik Sturm, Rami Olsen

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