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Do you want to learn about Dan Bau instrument? How to play it? Let us help you to do it!

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Ideas and content of the course: We wish to contribute to the construction and development of Vietnamese music and to bring easy access to those interested in art in general and Vietnamese arts in particular. The traditional vietnamese instrument Dan Bau is the first of the musical instruments we want to bring to you. Dan Bau is a typical musical instrument in the system of Vietnamese traditional instruments. It is also considered one of the most unique instruments in the world because of its simple structure, special performing style and sound produced from the harmonics of the string combined with the use of the rod/handle to tense or loosen the intrument’s single string, creating different pitches with attractive and unique timbre that is close to the tone of Vietnamese laguage. The project is not only aimed at Vietnamese people but is also for anyone in the world who loves this instrument and wishes to learn to play Dan Bau by themselves - and through that gain more knowledge about different kinds of Vietnamese art forms. We are making 2 series of videos:

  • A series for Vietnamese speakers, where all the content will be in Vietnamese.
  • A series for non-Vietnamese speakers, with text, instructions and subtitles in English, but the audio still in Vietnamese.

The program is divided into 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction and history of Dan Bau
  • Part 2: Learning the basic techniques of Dan Bau
  • Part 3: Dan Bau in folk music
  • Part 4: Dan Bau in traditional music genres

We will offer video tutorials, texts, music scores and videos of various Dan Bau music pieces.

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Learning the Dan Bau instrument is similar to learning other instruments. We need to invest time for that. Practice frequently and regularly: for example, practicing 2-3 time/week for shorter time is always better than practicing only once per week, but longer. Each one of our lessons will have specific goal. Students should try to follow the lessons, exercises and pieces. Listening to vietnamese folk music will help students get familiar with music.

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Goal: Through the videos, you will learn more about the origins and history of the Dan Bau, development of Dan Bau in different traditional music genres and be able to learn the basic techniques and to play the Dan Bau music pieces from basic to Intermediate level.

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Technische Voraussetzungen

Equipment necessary: Electric Dan Bau, loudspeaker, plectrum, metronome, turner.

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Veröffentlicht am January 21, 2021

Tam Thi Pham, Ngo Tra My

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