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What is microtonality? / How can you play microtonal music on the saxophone?

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For this project Vincent Dombrowski invited four of the most renowned saxophone players from Europe who discuss the possibilities of microtonality in Jazz, Improvised music and classical music. Additionally these players give us an insight into their views about music in general, teach us techniques to begin studying microtonality on the saxophone and talk about composition with microtones.

What is microtonality? Microtone is a term commonly nameming all tones that are smaller than a common semitone. Allthough this definition might be discussed in this project.

In 2022 I started the Phase 2.0 of this project and got to interview David Leon and Frank Gratkowski so far.

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videos, audiopodcast, texts

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Instructed by four of the most renowned saxophonists in europe you will learn what microtonality is and why it is an essential part of music.

In short videos, written texts and in an audio podcast experts in this field share theire knowledge with you about microtonality on the saxophone, music theory, practising routines, harmony in microtonal music, sound, music history and how they percieve music in general. These are rare insights into one of the most vibrant topics in music.

This projet gives you information on how to "embark on the travel inside the tones" (Hayden Chsiholm 2020)

May your journey begin…

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Veröffentlicht am May 10, 2020

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Vincent Dombrowski

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